Sunday, November 22, 2009

'fore i run too low -a Jacob Black Tale

He didn't want to see her in his dreams, but she was there.

Where did he know her from? She wasn't from around here. Certainly not from the school on the Reservation. But it was as if she knew him. The other him. Not as a human, but as a wolf. They'd met in the forest.

It was after he'd chased one of the undead away. It had been a close call too. He'd gotten some scrapes on his underside, but in the end the vamp got what was coming, And was no more. He didn't like to think about that, but she saw his wounds. And she talked to him. It was as if she knew the exact leaves and herbs he'd need from the forest to heel.

She smiled to him and said that she hoped they'd meet again.

The dreamed faded too. As if they'd never met, and then it would come to him in a deep sleep as if it was all new again and how happy he was to see her.

Jacob hadn't been happy in a long time. He kept to himself mostly. Working on engines, trying to stay away from the pack unless they absolutely needed him. Things weren't all that exciting, lately. But this was a good thing, wasn't it?

But he was lonely and sad. He just couldn't get out of this funk. It was meant to be. Wasn't it? To be alone.

And yet if he could. Perhaps he would be alone with her.

He knew Sam would forbid it. He'd tell him it would be wrong. But the strange thing was, he knew she liked being alone with him when he was a wolf. How could he explain this to Sam or any of them.

Why would she want to be alone with him when he was a wolf is what kept him up at night when he'd awake from the dream. But she was beautiful. And he wondered if he'd ever find her when he wasn't a wolf.


e.l. said...

She sounds mysterious..and you know how I wanted Emily to be Bella.

Cait said...

what a pleasant surprise!

natalie said...

Yay! It's sounding really good so far... can't wait for more :)

Anonymous said...

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