Tuesday, December 1, 2009

the ache of it all

When Tess got back, she was sure Gran hadn't missed her at all. She had the nurse there for a good long time. They'd had tea and well, Gran always treated her like royality, yet, Tess smiled, thinking, the nurse  had done all the work. They'd had tea and had the fresh cranberry and walnut bread that Tess had left them.

She went to check on Gran who was asleep on the couch now. Tess put a blanket around her shoulders and went to take a shower then. Best she stay in. She'd had enough adventure today. What had she been thinking, going into someones house like that?

She'd never done such before. Granted, she'd heard plenty from her cousin, Sak who could pick pocket the best. Go anywhere he liked without ever getting caught. Of course, he was always on the road. It was hard to say if he was just a tramp or a vagabond. Naturally, she didn't see him much but on rare occasions. This was something he would do. Of course, he would have told her. "Aw, atlas, you've found your calling, you should join us now."

She was very good at playing the mute girl. As it was, no one suspected she could read. Self-taught. Actually. She'd always been one of those, who looked quite helpless. A buffer perhaps. Showing up at the most strangest times at some one's house when she was little. She did her part. While others would do what they did best and soon they'd move on, celebrating all the while on someone's wine and cash. But it grew old. She wasn't quite a cute as she used to be, and well, people were smarter these days.

Some family was completely enamoured with her, just the same. Almost adopted, in fact. Her father had a dandy of a time getting her back after that fiasco. She was so close to normal then. So close. But he'd snatched her, and it was then she had wonder if he was really her father. Really? And playing this victim  was a bit harrowing.No one to trust. Especially, her father. All alone. Wondering if she would be yestersday's news yet.

There was just too much violence in the world. And she was fine right here. She'd made her way back to her mother's mother. All was well now. Wasn't it enough?

She let the hot water take her in. Real tears exposed themselves, but were washed away soon. Oh, she would think bitter of him. He had everything  he wanted. Sports. A girlfriend. Yet, she wanted to go back to his room, again.


e.l. said...

I feel sad for her. She has had quite an unusual life.

the oaks said...

Really, she is different. I want to see her happy.

Cait said...

I love how this is going. I really do.

natalie said...

Wow, it sounds like she's really been through a lot. She really is quite a complex and intricate character! I'm really enjoying this so far... :)