Saturday, December 5, 2009


Jacob knew it was pointless to go out hunting for her. Wasn't it? He had other things to do. Important things in fact.

There had been a vampire around recently. But that was done. He hadn't picked up on a scent like that to be alarmed about it. He knew if he tried hard enough he could possibly find her. He knew he could. But would it be the right thing to do.

"Don't do it." Sam would have to be nix the whole idea. "You know what your capable of, and well, you've got us. You don't need to get caught up with a stranger."

"I know. I understand." Jacob listened to everything Sam said so serious while the rest of pack were happy little pups waiting to be trained by him.

"Come on then, take a run with us." Sam advised.

Jacob nodded. It was a daily thing to run miles and miles through the forest. They knew their boundaries. It was no sweat, generally. But today, he couldn't get her out of his senses. He needed a name. He needed to see her when he wasn't  a wolf. Couldn't these be two things he could at least accomplish today?

He took off with the rest of them. There was no real danger about. He would have known first thing. He was human, on a run through the forest. But the deeeper he ran into the forest, he felt her near. He knew she had to be here. Maybe she was hoping she'd see him turn. Maybe she knew his secret.

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