Monday, December 7, 2009

under the circumstances

Tess listened to Gran carefully. She wanted her to find the Christmas decorations. It was time to start the holiday spirit even if they didn't have anything to give each other. It was all so bitter sweet. She hated the idea of getting out all these reminders of her mother that she'd never met. She'd never known her. She'd never actually....

It was a sad feeling to overcome. Why did Gran have to do this to her? It made her so moody. And she'd hear it again. Stop being a child about this. She fought back tears, doing as she was told. She went to the closet in her grandmother's room and started to pull out boxes of ornaments.

"We need someone strong, to cut us down a tree." Her gran reminded her. "You are just a waif, of a child."

"Do we have too?" Tess winced looking back at her. "Perhaps, we could just put the ornaments outside this year. Or put out plenty for the birds to eat, and they could be sitting pretty in a tree for you."

"I can't enjoy Christmas, can I?" She festered up a glare that Tess didn't want to see.

"I dunno what I can do." She gave Gran a glare right back. She stomped off to the kitchen then and went straight outside for a breath of fresh air. And that's when she knew something was coming. It was already here. It was so confusing. She found herself breathless. Or was she breathing hard, and she saw him out of the corner of her eye. And the first thing that came into her head was RUN. Run away from this. Don't look back. Don't you dare look it in the eye. Run!

But she couldn't breath as she stared him right in the face. She was choking on air.


natalie said...

That would be so tough to have such painful memories involved with the holidays... :/ And agh, I can't imagine what's going to come of their confrontation!

Oh, and as for Scrubs... I'm not really sure about what I think of it yet! It was okay, and I'm glad to have it back, but I guess it's just not really the same... :P

ellie said...

So sad and exciting and well, I hope it won't be that bad.