Tuesday, December 15, 2009

no such thing

Tess shivered. Her breath came back and she could hear voices in the kitchen. She felt so rotten for being so weak. What was it about him that made her feel dizzy and silly at the same time. She didn't want any part of it, and yet she felt more alive than she ever did.

She laid there still, thinking Gran could befriend anyone. It was so irritating. Aggravating, indeed. Tess winced. She'd barely seen him. She knew she hated him. She did. She couldn't stand his kind. He was just some awful jock, she supposed. Got everything he wanted. He was in the real world. She just lived on the outback of it. How would he know how to appreciate nature? There was no human out there she could possibly stand. She knew she was not of his world, and would have no part of it. She'd soon not lay eyes on this creature, again. Give her a wolf and she was free.

Tess hugged herself then. A shiver ran through her. She hated being a liar. A liar to herself. If only, for a minute or two she could make a conscious effort to say something to him. But she didn't speak to anyone but her Gran. She was not allowed to speak to anyone.

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natalie said...

Hmm, I don't think Tess should be so quick to judge him before she's even gotten to know him at all! But I guess if she's not allowed to speak to anyone besides her gran, she must not be too experienced in the whole friendship department..