Sunday, December 20, 2009

the heart of it

Jacob found a tree that was decent enough. It wasn't huge, but big enough.

"Will this do?" He asked her grandmother when he came back with the Christmas tree.

"You'll have to put it in the tree stand," she order.

He nodded and did as he was told. Finally the bare tree stood next to her television. He saw the decorations around the livingroom that needed to be on the tree.

"Do you need anymore help?" He noticed a rope of strawberry blond hair made into a wreath. He thought it strange, but he knew it must have been Tess' hair when she was little.

"You've done plenty young man," the old woman looked at him with a smile. "Now, you can leave."

"What about Tess?" He looked at her.

"What about her?" She looked a bit angry that he'd asked.

"Is she all right." He winced back.

"All right as can be expected." She gave him a sly smile.

"As expected?" He shook his head. "Is she ill. Is she- She's not going to have a baby, is she?" He couldn't think of anyone who'd really want to be way off in this wilderness, all alone, like that.

"Goodness no." She laughed at him. "Now you better go. You've been here long enough."

"Long enough? For what?" He sighed.

"Before you make her sick again."

"Me?" He kind of grinned, unsure what she meant. "Is she allergic to me?"

"You could say that." She glared at him. "Now go. Get along home. Thanks for the tree and all. But go on."

"All right." Jacob sighed, wondering what in the world could possibly be wrong with Tess. He was itching to find out.


elliestories said...

Looks like her grammy could keep Tess away from him.

natalie said...

The wreath of hair does sound a little strange... but neat at the same time, haha. And hopefully Jacob's curiosity can be satisfied sooner or later!

a jacob black tale said...

It used to be an 'old custom..from what I hear.

FASHIONconfectionairy said...

You are team Jacob I take it? Why?

cass and cady said...

this is getting very interesting.