Friday, December 25, 2009

not today

Tess immediately felt better once Jacob left. She knew Gran would need help. Especially, with the light. Really, she wasn't sure why they worried over the tree. It would be down within a week. But this was what Gran enjoyed about Christmas. There were never any presents, but just the chance if the lights shown, perhaps Tess's mother would see them.

"She's out there somewhere, you know." Gran would speak of her like a ghost. Perhaps thats what Christmas was to her. The past visiting.

Tess plugged in the lights.

"Where's the one with your hair!" Her grandmother wasn't very happy.

"I'm sure its around, somewhere. Your eyes are old. They need a rest. I'll look for it." She didn't know what was so significant about it. Who put stuff like that on a tree? She'd rather string popcorn on it so the birds could have it later.

"I guess you are right." She sighed. "He seemed nice enough. Ashame you can't talk around him."

"I'm sure I wouldn't like him." She told her.

"Sorry, I don't know how to lift the curse." She shrugged.

Really, Tess didn't want to believe it was a curse. Maybe she'd grow out of it, some day. But that day didn't feel anywhere near.


ellie said...

a gypsy curse..that is just not fair.

elliestories said...

That's so sad.

natalie said...

That's terrible D: Hopefully there's some way to break the curse!