Saturday, January 23, 2010

breaking away

Jacob knew he had a job to do. It was best not to think how Tess thought about him. It was confusing. Was she allergic to him in human form, but OK being around him when he frightened everyone else possible. It was peculair how he sensed her being fearless and yet she wasn't.

He so wanted to understand her, but there was no time for that, according to Sam.

"You stake out the perrimeter. Get the job done." Sam's instructions. "We can't be everywhere. I know you're strong enough."

Jacob just nodded wishing there wasn't so much pressure on him, for results. After all, wasn't he a mere pup at these sort of things? Yes, he knew the woods. He'd ran them in his sleep, practically. And yes, he was damn good at being what he was suppose to be. Still, this was different. He guessed. He was alone. Only himself to depend on.

But as soon as he picked up the vampire's scent, his new body emerged in a burst of hair and angry teeth and he was on the hunt as he raced through the snowy path, thinking there might be the scent of fresh human blood soon to contend with. Yes, he'd found a vampire, but there wasn't a human in sight. He looked hungry, of course, and Jacob's rage laid into him, pushing him against the snowy tree, leaving a fresh pile of snow around his paws. His teeth nashed so, taking the old-timer down and disposing him in record time. He looked far to old to be a part of  anything. As if someone had been sidetracked in their doing. But Jacob didn't ponder about it. He killed him in a blink of an eye. After all, he was just a vampire.

Even so, the cold had left him stiff. Jacob felt certain he couldn't change back immediately. It was far to cold for that in the sub-zero tempts.  He knew he was fine. Really, as he slightly limped away, thinking there had to be another out here. Had to be. He shook the ice cold traces of snow from his beautiful mane and sniffed the air as if someone was coming. He had to hurry away, but when he looked back, he saw it was Tess there in the clearing.

"We really have to stop meeting this way," she smiled, all bundled up in her crocheted hat and shawl. She looked as if she was used to these conditions in her old boots and thermal leggings under her gingham skirt.

He wanted to growl, but he couldn't. Instead, he walked toward her as if he wished she'd take him and let him rest by a warm fire.

She seemed as if she'd been waiting for him as she went to investigate his paw. Something had happened to it. Usually, his claws could attack anything, but he was content having her check it out with her little hands.

"Just what have you been doing?" She brushed away ice and found a thorn in his paw that he hadn't noticed all that much until she pulled it out. "Now that'll feel better." She touched his wet nose. "Are you hungry?" She then offered.

Jacob looked at her as if he didn't know what she was getting at.

"Well come on." She pulled her wool shawl closer around her. They weren't too far from where she lived. He followed.

"See, I knew you listened to me. I like that about you. You're a very good listener, indeed." She took him to the back door where the kitchen was.

For the first time, Jacob kept telling himself he didn't want to change back. "Don't change. Don't change." He held under his breath as his long wolf body brushed against the table as he squeezed into the kitchen.

"What was that?" She noted.

He slightly whimpered.

"You want something to eat, don't you?" She dug something out of the fridge then. Jacob supposed it was homemade. Not something from a can. He slightly yelped in content.


Holly said...

This made me smile.

simon n josh said...

I like this, that he knows her as a wolf.

ellie said...

well, that's one way to sleep over, huh? Hahahahaa...

natalie said...

I love that she took the thorn out of his paw, like that story with the lion and the mouse. Except this time with the werewolf and the girl, hehe. I love that :D

the oaks said...

I'm glad she's there for him.