Saturday, January 30, 2010

out of the dark

There weren't that many things that made Tess happy, but one of them was watching a canine eat. It pleased her that he was enjoying the stew. God knows, Gram wasn't. She complained there wasn't enough salt. Tess did her best to put fresh carrots and potatoes, green beans too in the beef stew.

The wolf was starving.

"I don't know who owns you, but really, they should take better care of you." Of course, she was certain he was a part of nature, and she should let him go. Yet the winds were kicking in, and she hoped he'd stay for the night. After all, the fire was crackling in the fire place. It was warm here. A lot warmer than what the outside had to offer.

Really, she wanted to pamper him. Keep him. There was more to him than a massive creature. She felt certain. But what was it. Really?

Tess hugged herself as he licked the pot clean. He'd eaten the entire pot of stew.

"You could eat me out of house and home, now couldn't you?" She couldn't help but smile as her fingers found an itch that needed scratching between his ears. "You're not so bad. Really."

Gram was already asleep. She was sleeping an awful lot, lately, but Tess wasn't going to worry about it. It was winter. Perhaps it was just hybernating.

Tess showed the wolf to the livingroom. She sat next to the fire, watching it in the dark. She said nothing to him for the longest time as he got cozy next to the warmth.

"I'm sure I understand you more than you know. I wish I were a wolf. I really do." She sounded sad. "I miss them so much. I wish no one had found me." Her eyes were wet with tears as she looked at his beauty, wishing a part of her could wrap herself under him, and she'd emerge in a furry body as well, like his kind.

She saw the wolf had gone to sleep. She found herself a pillow on the couch. And soon she drifted off asleep too, dreaming what it might be like to be his mate. So certain he'd always be true to her even if he were out on the hunt. He would always be there for her. Always.

The fire died down into embers. It was so dark, but something stirred her awake. She could hardly make him out, but there was no longer the wolf. But someone else. It was him. He was in the house.

Tess's eyes shot open. She thought her voice might crack into. "Its you!" She couldn't believe she could speak. She could finally speak. But she choked then wondering if she should have screamed. Because he didn't have any clothes on.


elliestories said...

hahahaha..I luv it.

natalie said...

That's sweet how loving Tess is towards animals. But oh my goodness hahah, I can't imagine what's going to happen next!