Friday, February 5, 2010

I can feel it coming - a Jacob Black Tale

She wasn't fainting. Not out of breath. She was speaking to him. It was unreal to Jacob.

"Hold on! Just don't go crazy on me." He wrapped a blanket around him and still felt more naked than he'd ever felt before. "Are you OK?"

"What are you doing here?" She winced as she took deep breaths. Tess was a bit shakey.

"Because." Jacob shrugged. "I-I dunno if you'll understand."

"Understand what?" She tensed.

"You're talking." He reminded her as if that was a good thing. "You didn't faint on me this time."

"Yeah." She bit her bottom lip. "I'm to talk to no one, except Gram." Her eyes got bigger then. "Gram!" She shot up from the sofa and went to her grandmother's room.

"Gram! Gram!" She shouted. Nothing. Just the stillness set in. Jacob knew something was not right, but it felt it was just a little too late. How come he hadn't felt it sooner?

Tess turned the door nob. Jacob waited with the blanket around his middle.

"Its locked!" Tess winced. She looked back at Jacob as if he had to do something about it.

Honestly, what he'd give for a pair of pants. He winced hard. Imaging he was in what he was generally in, afterwards. Finally, it happened. Short brown leggings, possibly out of some fairy tale, like soft velvet that moved with him. Jacob stared at the door, jetted to it and busted it open, instantly.

Her gram looked to be asleep. At peace. But her body was limp. So cold. It was then Jacob noticed the little puncture at the side of her neck. She'd been drained of blood, ever so cleverly. Jacob didn't know what to say. He looked back at Tess. Her grandmother was gone.

Tess stared at her with her hand clutching her throat as if she might be in pain, herself. She turned to Jacob then and she cried softly into his chest.


Holly said...

That was so sad, but the pants were a funny part. I wonder if Steph explains all this wolf stuff in her book. I haven't noticed.

mazzie may said...

I agree. Funny, yet very very sad too. I'm glad the spell has been broken, but still..for that to happen.

Ivyoaks said...

That was a shocker!

natalie said...

Oh my goodness, nooo! D: This is definitely a game changer!

ellie said...

Happy. So so sad. I dunno. mixe emotions for sure. & then came the leggings....