Friday, February 26, 2010

making z's - a Jacob Black Tale

"WHAT DID YOU DO?" Jacob looked at Billy.

"Just a little NyQuil," Billy said rather innocently.

"I bet Tess has never used anything over the counter." Jacob doubted she'd ever been to a drugstore. He just looked at Tess who was out cold next to the hot chocolate at the kitchen table.

"Did she finish it?" Billy looked at the cup as if he were a scientist.

"Yeap, she sure did." Jacob squirmed a slight smile.

"Good, girl." Billy patted her head.

"She's not a dog." Jacob glared at him. Of course, plenty of dogs out there might like her. Jacob included, but he wouldn't get into that with Billy. He lifted her up, over his shoulder and took her to the guestroom. He slowly dropped her on the bed, and she didn't budge. It made him a bit nervous that Billy had put her into a coma somehow. But she rubbed her nose then as if she might wake up, but she didn't.

"You better not run away from me." Jacob gritted. He shook his head. He needed her awake. He wanted to go over this with her because he had a feeling she felt safer outside than she did indoors.

Jacob decided to pull up a chair that was at least kind of comfortable. He couldn't take his chances. He was going to have to watch out for her. Of course, he wondered exactly how to explain this her. A smile came to him then. He'd borrow Bella's journal. She wouldn't even know it was gone. Well, she was with what's his face, anyway, wasn't she? Jacob wouldn't dare speak of him. But if had Bella's journal, it would explain everything. Maybe now was the time to grab. He was sure Charlie was out investigating what happened to Tess' grandmother. He could be there and back in a few minutes. He got up then to take a run in the woods.


elliestories said...

oh..Billy what will he do with him.

natalie said...

I'm glad Jacob is there to take care of her! Hopefully the journal will prove to be helpful.

Holly said...

Oh, Billy..interesting about Bella's journal.