Sunday, March 14, 2010

little mysteries - a Jacob Black Tale

What had he been thinking? Going to Bella's and taking the journal. Well, she had so many. It was hard to find the first one.

Of course, when he went inside her room, the perfume of liliacs still lingered, even now. He hated to think of Bella. He didn't want too. Jacob was moving on. He had to think of Tess who was definitely in a horrible place in her life. He needed to do the right thing. He would.

But he wished he knew exactly what that was.

"Do you want to go to Sam's with me." Jacob felt it was best to get Tess out and about. She'd be OK at Sam's. It was time she got to know his..well, so called family. Of course, they iritated him to no end most days. Just annoying pups, he guessed.

Finally, Tess opened her bedroom door.

"I have reading to do." She hugged the journal.

"You're not finished yet?" He looked at her.

"She's just meeting the Cullens for the first time." She smiled.

"It can wait. You'll have plenty of time to do that, when we get back." He gave her a dark glare.

"If you say so." She shrugged with a smile and went to put the journal away.

Jacob was a bit suspicious of her congenial ways at the moment.

"What's up with you?" He asked as he helped her with her sweater.

"What has to be up?" She looked at him.

"Never mind." He held her hand then, and she giggled.

"Sorry." She flutter about. "Its just no one holds my hand, much." She pressed her lips tight.

"I don't hold hands much, either." He sighed. "But I want to. Well, I want to hold your hand."

Tess gave him an open grin.

"Relax," she finally said. "It doesn't really matter what they think of us, really. If we're happy then it shouldn't matter."

"It doesn't matter." He winced as they went to the truck.  She got in the passenger side as if she'd always been doing it herself.

"It does matter to you. It does." Tess shook her head, laughing.

"No, that's not true." He started up the truck.

"If only you were a good liar, Jake." Tess shook her head.

Jacob didn't know what to say. How come she knew him, so well?


natalie said...

Aww, I like how they're sort of just holding hands for the first time :) I like them together.

meg said...

aw, that was sweet.