Friday, May 7, 2010

can't you see - a Jacob Black Tale

"Embry!" Jacob yelled into his cell. "WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO DO TO ME?" Why was it he had to be the bad guy, Jacob thought.

"What are talking about." Embry was all coy about it. "I love Tess."

"What! You don't even know what LOVE is." Jacob informed him.

"Maybe I do." Embry mysteriously told him. "She knows me when I'm wolf."

"Does she?" Jacob knew that feeling to. It was special and perhaps even spiritual in a sense.

"I want her, Jake. I want to be with her." Embry sounded helpless as if he'd die if it didn't come true.

"God, Embry, can you wake up now and stop being an idiot." Jacob fretted in the phone while he was in the kitchen, checking the fridge to see if there was anything to eat.

"I'm being honest. You know, I'm honest. I will always be honest about my feelings for Tess. Will you?" The phone went dead then. Jacob felt like throwing his phone at the wall, but instead he drank from the jug of milk.


ellie said...

oh boy..embry.

meg said...

oh now..sounds like trouble.

Fenny said...

omg, that must be something wrong

natalie said...

Oh goodness... I wonder how Tess must be feeling stuck in the middle of all this..

Fenny said...

OMG, waiting for the next chapter =)

degrassi after hours said...

cool..happenings. for sure!!