Sunday, May 16, 2010

simple as 1 2 3 - a Jacob Black Tale

Tess heard a tap on her window. She was half asleep, dreaming she was anywhere but here.

It was such a blow to hear from Embry about Jacob and his forever love to Bella. God, she'd just been reading her journals. She felt like burning them now. It was a struggle. She was glad she hadn't fallen completely for Jacob...because...because..

She wanted to say something horrible to him like...

I might like you better if you were just a wolf.

That wasn't completely true. Was it?

She winced now as she slowly went to her window to find Embry waiting for her.

"I want you to come away with me." He begged.

"What? Are you crazy?" One of them had to be. Tess was so tempted. "Why?"

"Why?" He laughed as she let him in. "I'm like the chiwawa of the bunch."

"No, you're not." Tess shook her head, no.

"I don't have near the power they do." He sat down on her bed then. "All I ever wanted was to be in my own band, somewhere far from here. Where the only screams you heard were from fans wanting to hear me more. Wanting my songs. Me. Just me." He sounded so down about it.

"I'm sure you can still have a band." Tess told him. "Right here."

"Not here. It we were together. We could make it. I know we could. Together." He looked at her so innocently then.

Tess smiled, wishing they could truly have their own world.

He held her hand then. She looked back at her bedroom door thinking Jacob might bust in. Any moment and find them together.


nick and heath said...

oh,he just doesn't give up.

he and him said...

Its getting exciting!

misty said...

wow, can't hardly wait.

Holly said...

I guess Embry got her attention.

meg said...

Gotta wonder if she'll go with him???

ellie said...

I liked what he said about himself in the pack.

natalie said...

Maybe she will go with him! He does make a pretty tempting argument.

Cammie said...

Hey, I saw your comment on my post and I have to say that.. I'm a bit confused. We don't have money to burn- an addiction is an addiction, and you'll indulge in it in any way possible.
But on a diff. note.. This is getting pretty exciting, I wonder how she'll choose..

Nehha said...

Hey....thx for dropping by my blog.

By the way I love your post and I love the line that says : "I might like you better if you were just a wolf." ....haha says a lot in a few words!!!

Vinushka said...

I just found your blog from the comment on my post, is this like a fanfic for embry? o.O so wish i was that talented to write fanfics lol
But yes, they say creative minds tend to live in clutter..I used to say that[i draw and whatnot]..but now i like order..everything has to be straight/clean. i clean all the time :/ and i alaphabetize my books/dvds and think i'm verging on ocd or germaphobicness lol

Vinushka said...

it sucks, doesn't it? lol I hope it's back now
and..i'm confused..a death pact made you think of cookies? o.O

Fenny said...

nice fanfic. are you fan of Taylor?