Sunday, May 23, 2010

in the cool air - a Jacob Black Tale

Jacob stomped around a bit, wondering what to do about Embry. Was he a love sick puppy or what?

What had happened to him? Was knowing Tess like a disease?

He wanted to protect her. He did.

Actually, he just wanted to be with her. He wanted her for himself.

Naturally, he was pondering in the kitchen what he might say to her. Would she get it? Would she truly understand how he felt about her? How he wanted to help her? He wanted to see her happy. He thought she'd had a horrible childhood. It had been so sad and so wrong. Jacob wanted to change that for her.

Yet, he had this other calling. Call of the wild. One of the pack. He had to keep this forest clean of vampires. He had to be here. It was his duty.

Jacob shut his eyes tight. What would he say to her? How could he explain to her what he needed and yet how his life would always be. He shook his head. Finally he went down the hall to her room and tapped on the door gently.

But there was silence.

"Tess." He said as quiet as he could. Nothing.

Suddenly a shiver went through him. Something was wrong. Something was very wrong. "Tess!"

Just the silence.

Jacob sucked in a breath. He hated to think what he'd find. Finally, he opened the door. There in the moonlight, the curtains danced in the breeze. There was no one.


meg said...

Oh, I do wonder what's next.

ellie said...

what are they up too?

meg said...

I kind of feel sad for Jacob.

natalie said...

Aww, I feel for Jacob. And where has Tess gone now?

Fenny said...

Pity Jacob