Sunday, May 30, 2010

away we go - a Jacob Black Tale

Tess took a breath and suddenly felt herself brushing up against the wind, the trees, the darkness of the night. It was so amazing. She hung on to Embry's fur. It seemed impossible yet magical. She couldn't help but feel the rush pulling her in. Never to let go. She was with Embry now and he was not human.

She felt so dizzy and yet so alive. It was so fleeting, the floor of the forest. Birds quieted. Little critters ran for cover. It was easy to see who owned the night. And yet, it wasn't exactly Embry, but she it was. It was. And it felt right.

Tess didn't ask where they were going or what they'd do once they got there, but it wasn't long til they got to the outskirts of the city. Finally, he came to a halt at the end of the forest that overlooked the city lights.

Tess gasped as she looked down at the pearls of city lights. She couldn't remember the last time she'd been to the city. Honestly, she couldn't imagine being a part of it.

"What can we even do here?" She didn't see it actually happening. She turned away while Embry got dressed.

"Have fun." Embry chuckled.

"What do you have in mind?" She looked back at him.

"Don't worry, you're with me now." He shrugged.

Tess shook her head. She'd left a perfectly good room. A bed. A place to eat. Just then, he pushed a motorcycle out of the bushes. She stared at him, wondering if he knew how to use that thing.

"Look, I've been thinking on this for weeks now." He told her.

"Weeks?" She winced.

"Don't judge me." He squinted then. "All right, I may have stalked you a little, but it gave me something to do. A future, perhaps. I can't stay in that forest forever, and neither can you."

He started up the bike.

"Well, come on." He was waiting.

Tess just nodded. She guessed he did know what he was doing.


ellie said...

wow, that was fast.

so jade said...

Embry and his plan. What a guy.

natalie said...

Aww haha, even though it's a little creepy, Embry seems sweet at the same time.

Holly said...

everyone loves a bad boy, sometimes.