Saturday, June 5, 2010

finding the perimeter - a Jacob Black Tale

It was a little to late.

How could that be, thought Jacob. Embry wasn't exactly Wylie Coyote, now was he? Well, he was waiting for him to flub up. Jacob lost their scent just outside the forest. Embry had left his past behind. They'd driven off on a motorcycle.

"When did he even learn to drive a motorcycle." He thought the kid was scared of everything. A bookworm at that. Was that just a disguise or something, Jacob now wondered. He went straight to Sam's for help.

"Your guess was as good as mine. You know, he's a loner." Sam winced. They had coffee and Sam fed Jacob the last of the sausage and biscuits. Jacob was hungry. He'd been looking for clues all night. "At least you didn't sniff out a vampire, which is good."

"No, no vampires." Jacob knew for sure. "Its just, I'm afraid a vamp might be after Tess."

"Why?" Sam looked at him blankly.

"It was a vampire that killed her grandmother. I think they want Tess now." Jacob was certain of it.

"That's just great." Sam sighed. "I dunno if I can afford for you to go off on a wild goose chase for Embry."

"I have to." Jacob told him. "He's got Tess and she doesn't know it, but she means so much to me. If Embry hadn't filled her head with so many doubts, she'd be with me right now. So are you going to help me, or not?"

Jacob knew he wouldn't. Sam had the pack to take care of. He was on his own on this one.


ori said...

He's our hero!

natalie said...

Oh my, Jacob to the rescue! O:

meg said...

I hope he can find them.