Saturday, June 12, 2010

over the hill and through the woods - a Jacob Black Tale

Tess wasn't sure what to expect.

Just what exactly would they do on their own in the city. She wasn't sure if she were ready for what Embry might really want. It scared her a little that she'd just let herself go with him. It was as if the trust was there, but should she? Could she? Would they be OK? It wasn't like she had an ID or anything. She was pretty much invisible to the real world. Always had been. No one really knew enough about her to pin point where she was from, how old she was. It was sad, but now she was afraid to try to be anything more than what she was. She got her voice back. But she needed so many things other people took for granted. They at least had birth certificates and documentations. She had none of those things. She might as well be a ghost or a figment to your imagination.

A part of her wondered if she was really ready to stay in a motel room with Embry. Would she want to be his? So easily. She held back tears then. Why hadn't she stayed back at Jacob's? It was safe there, but she'd been compelled to go. And now she was far away from Jacob's they rode on into the morning light. The darkness was behind them now and evidently there was no turning back.

"Where are we?" She asked once he came to a stop. But it wasn't at a cheap motel on the outskirts, but a hows. A lovely old Victorian home, pink with pointy roofs, spiked toward the sky as if their was something special about the place in the old neighborhood.

"I told you, I'd take care of you." Embry just smiled. She stared at the house. It was familiar. But when? When she was small perhaps. Very small. It was a quaint memory, but she still wasn't sure what to make of the exterior. She'd need to see the interior before she could decide, and yet she didn't want to go in. A shiver ran through her.

"I dunno. Could we go somewhere else?" She had lost her voice here, hadn't she. She didn't want to think what might happen to her again. But Embry took her hand.

"It'll be all right. You'll see." Embry just smiled.

Just then the door opened as she saw the girl standing there. Not much older than herself. Perhaps she was older than she seemed. Tess just stared as if the girl could be her sister. Tess choked for words. A complete sadness came over Tess.

"I've been expecting you." The girl didn't smile.

Tess thought her hearing might shatter, or was it the fact that Tess hated to speak.


meg said...

well..that's a shocker.

natalie said...

Holy cow, this is intense! Who could this girl be?

ori said...

oh my..didn't know that would happen..all this time I was worried Embry would want sex from Tess..or something..