Saturday, June 19, 2010

it felt more like a curse - a Jacob Black Tale

When had Embry crossed Serena's path? Was it the night Tess' grandmother died? He drew a blank, but he supposed that was Serena's doing. He'd so wanted to fight her. He'd tried, but she'd somehow put a spell on him and now he might as well have been her lap dog.

She was after all, good to him. No one seemed to understand him quite as well as she did. And he understood her power. She promised not to hurt Tess, but she needed someone to bring Tess to her. And Embry liked the attention. He wasn't exactly getting any with the pack. And as it was, she was making him stronger. As long as he was under her command, he was stronger. He felt more alive than he ever had. It felt like his destiny. To be here with Serena.

"But what is it that makes you different from other vampires?" He asked after the first night he'd spent with her. Of course, she'd made him her own. It was amazing she'd let him ask questions, at all.

"Why, I'll always be a gypsy, first and foremost." She sounded as if that was where the power really came from, generation after generation. "If it hadn't been for me, Tess would have never gotten her voice back."

He believed in her, and he was sure of it now, if Serena had this sort of power to make the world spin at her finger-tips, just to get what she wanted, then Tess might have that power too. It was untapped. And Tess needed to be brought here to learn and perhaps earn it. Hopefully, Tess might free him from Serena.

But Serena kissed Embry on the lips, just now.

"Good boy," she smiled. "You're a very good boy." She teased, messing with his dark mop of hair.

Embry felt so demeaned and yet happy. It was a very confused feeling.


ellie said...

oh, boy, he is in trouble.

natalie said...

I would probably be confused too! He must have so much on his mind right now.

Holly said...

Hmmmm...wonder just what she did to make him like this.