Saturday, June 26, 2010

in the clearing - a Jacob Black Tale

Jacob had lost the scent of the trail.

He felt like a fool out here in the floor of the forest that overlooked the city. This couldn't possibly be happening. He was good at what he did. Now it was as if he were walking in circles. Where did they go? How had they gotten to the city.

Just then his cell buzzed. It was Sam.

"I think you should come back." Sam told him.

"What? Why?" Jacob winced. "I have to find them. I have too." Jacob's voice cracked.

"Come back before you do something out of your control." Sam told him.

"Out of my control?" Jacob winced hard, shaking his head. "What are you talking about? I'm fine."

"Some of the guys, knew Embry was keeping something from them. They just figured it was his silly idea of being in a band. They, just figured it was something juvenial. But lately, he was keeping to himself. Some times, he wasn't here when we really needed him." Sam explained.

"Great! You can't even keep up with that little punk." Jacob was mad now. A fire burned within him to get to the bottom of this. A part of him wanted to take Embry out as soon as he spotted him.

"Just settled down." Sam told him.

"HE HAS MY GIRLFRIEND!" Jacob lashed out.

"What? Oh no. Jacob don't do this to me. I need you to stay focused. You know the others always follow your lead. Don't do this to me now!" Sam bit back.

Jacob looked at the tire tracks then. He touched the mudded imprint. They had gone off on a motorcyle. He stopped listening to Sam and put his phone away. It was early morning now. He put his intuition  to work. He would be more focused than he ever before. He had to find them.


ellie said...

Hope he finds her.

Holly said...

I hope he finds them.

meg said...

jacob has his work cut out for him.

natalie said...

Well, he definitely has the determination that he needs to find them, that's for sure! Good luck, jacob.