Saturday, July 10, 2010

the fix of it - a Jacob Black Tale

Embry couldn't believe his eyes. He knew Serena was powerful, but what had she done to Tess?

"You promised, you wouldn't hurt her!" Embry shouted at Serena then when he saw Tess stuck to the ceiling.

"What are you going to do about it?" She gave him an evil glare then. He knew there was possibly nothing he could do. Nothing. Embry nursed his upper lip. He didn't want anything bad to happen to Tess.

"You promised." Embry wouldn't back down. He reminded her how much she'd wanted to see Tess. "This is no way to treat her, like this."

"God, you are such an innocent thing, aren't you." Serena's hands were on her hips and soon enough, she had him pinned to the wall too. She just smiled at him as she had him twisting and turning.

Embry thought for a moment she'd sucked the air out of him. He suddenly edged up the wall on to the ceiling too, but in far reach from Tess. How come the ceilings had to be so high. He was stuck, too. And he thought he might be choking for air. How would Jacob ever save them now with Serena's kind of power?


another skin said...

wow, so scary!

natalie said...

Ahhh, that's terrible! How will they be saved? Cliffhanger! Dun dun duuunn.

ori said...

I do wonder how this is all gonna work out.

Keith said...

I love your blog header.