Sunday, August 22, 2010

what ever the cost - a Jacob Black Tale

Jacob had to wonder how off he was on the scent of Embry and Tess. Perhaps he couldn't sense them anymore. A part of himself felt so lost. Useless. Miserable, in fact. He was starting to think it was too late. And a sad feeling came over him that he was no good at this. That perhaps he should be the lone wolf. Only it was nothing to laugh about. Tess meant so much to him. She was so different from Bella. At least she wasn't in love with a vampire. She had just ran off with his so called little brother in the pack.

His heart felt defeated. He thought a part of him might be dying this very instant. Or was it Tess who was dying? He squinted harder. Hoping he could sense what to do next. Suddenly, his head was pounding as if someone was trying to keep him away from Tess. Something awoke Jacob as he took off into the dark, through the trees and cold. Jacob found the very house where Tess and Embry were.

Jacob could picture Tess in his head. The vampire hadn't turned her yet. It was as if she were playing with Tess as if she were some toy. Maybe the vampire was waiting for him. Well, he would be fierce. What ever the cost. he was taking that vampire down. Now. Instantly. As he tore through the door in werewolf mode, in one swift push of his claw, he had the redheaded vampire pinned to the wall.

Faintly, he could hear Tess calling him to stop. STOP. But why should he? He thought. Jacob knew Tess was in danger.


meg said...

very intense.

ori said...

hope he saves her.

natalie said...

I have to feel for Jacob. He's definitely dealing with a lot right now. I hope he can save Tess.

Keith said...

I hope he gets to her.