Saturday, September 4, 2010

a bit of a struggle - a Jacob Black Tale

Jacob was in pain. He squinted hard wondering what had exactly happened.

"What did you do?" He looked up at Tess who was doing her best to clean up the wound on his shoulder.

"I dunno." She didn't look all that powerful. She wasn't much help with the pain, either.

"Well, you did something." He knew. Something had happened. She'd pulled that vampire away from him. "Is she alive?"

"I suppose." They both looked at the closet where the door was rattling, but still locked tight. "Who is she?" He just knew of the vampire's smell. Her anger. Her power.

"My mother." Tess said rather softly as if she could hear his thoughts already how angry he was about this. His teeth knashed hard. It was as if there was a venom inside him and it freaked him so. What if the bite could kill him. He held on to his shoulder.

"You're gonna be fine." She went to look for something to make a bandage out of.  Jacob didn't think so. He didn't. "And where is Embry?"

"Opps, I sort of forgot about him." Tess looked for him. "Maybe he's in the basement." She went to check. Yes, he was out like a light in the basement. Or so she said. She came back with a ripped cloth. She was determined to bandage him up.

Really though, Jacob was so scared something was happening to him. What if he died from a vampire bite?


ivyoaks said...

Oh..what could this mean?

natalie said...

Let's hope that the bite is nothing too serious and Jacob can pull through this!

meg said...

hmmm..I do wonder what this could mean.