Sunday, September 12, 2010

a world within a world - a Jacob Black Tale

Tess did the best she could to bandage up Jacob. She guessed Emery was fine. He was in a deep sleep on the floor of the basement. She couldn't help but feel a part of her life being sucked out of her, as well. Was it just her mother's aura being so mandatory or the fact, maybe she'd over did it with the power she had with in.

It was weird, thinking she might be something more than ordinary now. She just looked at her hands wondering what else she could do. She wasn't exactly a witch or a genie. Wasn't like she could blink or imagine food to eat. Which would have really been nice about now because she was famished. She knew Jacob's nerves were a little shot too. She sensed he was scared. She knew it wasn't so much about dying but the threat that somehow he might have changed. If just a little bit.

Tess knew he needed rest. So did she. So he took the couch and she sat back in the old fluffy chair and inst felt herself body absorb into the fabric. Or so it felt. Her eyes were full of sleep, and she could not keep herself awake a second longer because it felt like she'd been set into a voyage of some kind. Or was it just a void?

She could see her mother more clearly now. There was a reasoning of it. Such vivid images of her mother's past. Places she'd been. People she knew.  How her mother's life was so complicated. That perhaps it really wasn't her fault how things had came to be. How she would have never allowed such a curse to fall on Tess as a child. Tess was after all the daughter of a con artist who just so happened to be a gypsy too.

But even in a dream, Tess could hit a boiling point. "You hurt people!" It felt like a fight with in. Shoving her mother away who was an image not much older than herself. "You kill people!" They would never be alike. Never.

Yet her mother's voice kept haunting her. Pleading with her that Tess needed her. She could not get through this life alone without her. She'd need guidance. She need her mother's knowledge, especially how to deal with the underworld.

'You really think you can control that boyfriend of yours? Honestly, you have no idea what you're up against." Her mother's words shook through her. Tess' eyes shot open. Her breath finally filled her with strength and energy.

Tess looked over at Jacob, practically dead with sleep. She'd never imagined him as her boyfriend. Was that what he was?


ellie said...

wow, what a moment.

meg said...

I hope he's OK. Gotta wonder what's next.

E.L. said...

Lets hope Jacob doesn't have any side effects.

natalie said...

Oh, poor Tess... she must be so confused... I hope Jacob's alright...