Sunday, October 3, 2010

autumn is here - a Jacob Black Tale

The floor of the forest was much colder than Jacob expected. He awoke with a shiver. He couldn't shake the feeling that he had some how gotten here magically. But why? Why had this happened? Embry was right next to him.

"What has she done?" Jacob shook him. "She's alone with that..that vampire." He couldn't think of Tess being with her mother because by all accounts, that woman had never been a mother to Tess.

"Better than being a toy poodle, I guess." Embry told him. They really weren't all that far from home. He got up then. Jacob did to. He felt a little dizzy. "We're not under her spell."

Jacob supposed that had to be good for something, but he wanted to go back. There wasn't a chance he'd stay with the pack now. Was there? He couldn't just forget about Tess. Jacob winced hard. He could feel it coming over him. He was sure of it Tess would become a vampire, wouldn't she?

"You under-estimate her, you know that." Embry quickly informed him as they walked through the crisp autumn morning back down the trail close to Sam's place.

"What? You're reading my thoughts now?" Jacob felt he was the only one without any power now and he was the one who got bit by a vampire.

"Its easy to see what's on your mind, Jake." Embry looked back at him with a grin.

"So you're saying you're never even had real feelings for Tess?" Jacob wanted to know now. At least he wasn't half dressed. Someone had made sure he was ready for the elements. He even had his favorite soft plaid shirt over his gray fit tank. It smelled of lavender. He dreamed of Tess, suddenly. He so wanted to go back, but she'd sent him away. Away from her.

"I wouldn't say that, exactly." Embry pushed his hands in his jean's pocket. "I do think I love her."

"Just think?" Jacob looked at him as if he were still a lost cause to him. For all he knew maybe the vampire still had him under her control. What was the world coming too? How were they ever to rid their region of vampires if they wormed their way in, one by one? "I don't think I should trust you." Of course, Jacob wasn't sure what he could do to Embry exactly. Hopefully, the sweat lodge would take care of Embry. But then again, Jacob had to wonder what Sam might do to him to cleanse any bad vibe out of him.


ellie said...

She has so much more power than she might even know.

meg said...

wow, so she sent them back.

natalie said...

"Better than being a toy poodle." Haha! But whoa, this is some intense stuff!