Sunday, September 26, 2010

right back where we started from - a Jacob Black Tale

"Are you trying to kill me?" Jacob didn't want the tea.

"No, of course not." Tess couldn't believe he said that. "I'd never want to hurt you."

"You just didn't compel me come here." His teeth began to chatter.

"God, no!" She winced then.He was making her so angry, but she looked at the closet. It was all too quiet now. Could her mother possibly slip out like a vapor and reappear to attack them? She wanted to be wrong about that. "CAN'T YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO HELP YOU!" She glared at Jacob then.

"Why did you leave me, to begin with. If you would have just stayed put like you were suppose to, none of this would have happened." He was shaking now. She knew he was ill.

"Sorry. Its just, I-I was pretty sure you didn't really care about me. I guess. What about Bella?" Tess gave him a harsh stare.

"What about her? Is she here? No, she's long gone, Tess." He drew in a breath. Tess was afraid it might be his last.

"Drink the tea." She knew exactly what she had to do. Didn't she? "Drink up." Tess brought the tea to his lips. She looked back at the closet. It frightened her what her mother could do, but then again a smile came to Tess. Maybe she could learn a thing or two from her. She guessed Jacob could be her first project. She willed him then to drink the tea.


ellie said...

What does she have planned for him?

meg said...

what in the world is she up too.

natalie said...

Hmmm, what could Tess possibly have in store? That tea is smelling mighty fishy...

cass and cady said...

Is she gonna be bad???