Sunday, April 11, 2010

going up - a Jacob Black Tale

Tess thought she might be dizzy from the way Embry looked at her. She'd never really had anyone that smitten with her. It was as if she could do no wrong.

She was sure if she butt him in the forehead, he wouldn't even noticed. He took her hand then as if he'd been meaning to all night. "I want to show you something."

"OK." She guess she'd have to go. They went out to the back door.

"I really feel like I've known you a long time. And I've seen you in the woods. I know you know them like the back of your hand." He looked at her hand and before he knew it he was kissing it and her palm was on his cheek.

Tess blinked. How did he do that? She burst out laughing, thinking it was all funny.

"Am I not serious enough for you?" Embry asked.

"You're very serious, Embry." She nodded.

"Well, come on." He took her hand and they walked into the night among the trees. He'd built a tree house just beyond the back yard. He pulled down a rope ladder and helped her up the tree. It was actually quite nice to be up above everything.

"I've been working on this since I was like, ten." He told her.

"You seem to know what you're doing." She nodded with her hands above her back. He had his own room up here. A rug on the floor. A place to sit and even a plank with a mattress on it where one could sleep. Lots of comforts of home, but still rather out in the open.

"I suppose." Embry shrugged. "They don't really like me in there. They don't think I fit in. They don't even try to get to know me."

"Sorry." She didn't know what else to say.

"But you." He smiled then. "Its different with you. It is. You make me want to know you. You make me feel as if I've known you since time began. I've never felt like this about anyone."

He was making her a bit nervous. Where was this going? Why had she questioned it?

His lips met hers. She thought he might have bitten her at first. But no, it was just a kiss. The kiss. It had never happened to her before, and Tess wasn't sure what to think in the mix of joy and pain swirling around in her head.


meg said...

"am I not serious enough for you?" I liked that line. He's definitely making his move.

the oaks said...

oh my..something is happening here.

natalie said...

Oh my snap! How will Jacob react to this I wonder...

ellie said...

wow, haha. Funny, how he got to her first.