Sunday, April 18, 2010

unlucky in love - a Jacob Black Tale

Jacob didn't know where they went. Did Embry have some sort  of defense, he didn't know of? This was not suppose to be happening.

"I'm sure they're fine." Sam said. "If anything, he's got a bad case of  puppy-love fever."

"That's disgusting." Jacob winced. He'd started out the evening so close to Tess and now he's lost her. Just like that. "Look, I think a vamp is after her."

"What?" Sam told him he knew there was one in the area, but she was keeping her distance from them.

"Yeah, someone wants her dead."

"You didn't tell me." Sam was a bit peeved.

"Sorry, I dunno what could possibly have a happened." Jacob sighed.

"She is a gypsy. Perhaps a long lost relative gave something to her that this vamp wants." Sam told him.

"The vamp killed her grandmother." Jacob finally admitted.

"And you want to protect her. That's all?"

Jacob nodded.

"I wish I believed you, brother, but it goes much deeper than that, doesn't it?" Sam glared.


"You do know. Quit wasting your time, acting as if this is nothing. You've got a job to do, Jacob. Kill that vampire before its too late." Sam informed her. "This is no time for you to be her body guard."

Jacob bit his bottom lip. Why was it he always got the hard stuff to do?


ellie said...

aw, I feel for jacob. always on guard.

misty said...

darn, its hard to have a love life with that on the line.

meg said...

I wish Jacob got some down time.

natalie said...

Yeah, Jacob definitely deserves a break from all of this stressful business :/